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Flou: “Base Motion 4”

Flou: “Base Motion 4”

In the history of the modern bed, the year 1978 was a milestone. It was the year that Flou was founded, a company with the precise objective of innovating the bedroom and create a new ‘sleep culture’.

Base Motion 4 is one of the best collection by Flou.

The Flou base with electric movements comes with a remote control that changes the position of the head, the back and the legs in order to achieve a personalised level of relaxation, and to read, use a tablet or a computer and watch TV in the most comfortable position.



Technical data
The bed base MOTION 4 consists of thermoplastic buffers that guarantee high elasticity, perfect ergonomics and long life.
A remote control commands the four electric motors and allows personalization of the position of the head, the shoulders, the legs and the feet.



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