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Kitchen Specialist of the year – Audience Award

Kitchen Specialist of the year – Audience Award

We’re very happy because SieMatic from Muehlau won the “Kitchen-specialist of the Year – Audience Award” with its SieMatic kitchen at the great DER KREIS-award show.
The challange in this kitchen project was to design the narrow space in such a way that it offers maximum comfort, functionality and flexibility. At the same time they created a pleasent and inviting room atmoasphere by using the perfect mix of materials.csm_SieMatick-kitchen-Preusser-winner-design-_6__0c8a8dbd3b
csm_SieMatic-Kitchen-Pure-Publikumspreis_04_9462346cb3csm_SieMatic-Kitchen-Pure-Publikumspreis_05_6f4a145778csm_SieMatic-Kitchen-Pure-Publikumspreis_06_3a4a7b9641csm_SieMatic-Kitchen-Pure-Publikumspreis_03_f49abd3477 csm_SieMatick-kitchen-Preusser-winner-design-_1__044a0e22b9 csm_SieMatick-kitchen-Preusser-winner-design-_3__730fc58262

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