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Vola is known to be the first company to manufacture wall mounted mixers and table mounted taps with one handle. Its first product was developed by Arne Jacobsen for Denmark National Bank and shortly after that, the owner of Vola has introduce its proposal to Jacob which is to create a design that all the mechanical parts are hidden leaving only handle and spouts exposed. At this time it was a complete new concept but Jacobsen realized that this idea combined with his functional approach to design could be developed. With that basic principle in mind, the simple and concise VOLA design that we know today was conceived. Since then, VOLA taps and accessories have been produced in Denmark for more than 45 years. The traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and the most modern engineering technology ensure the highest standard of precision and quality finishing. The production line is based on the LEAN principles, where each tap is built to order. VOLA is certified according to the quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 18001 (work environment).

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