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In the 60s, a group of cabinet makers from Veneto decided to unite their experience and artisan skills in the creation of a business entirely focused on the production of bespoke furniture, characterised by particular attention to metal details and the application of state-of-the-art mechanic automation systems integrated in furnishings. The Scalco family, founder and owner of the company, is proud to represent this heritage. In particular, Serafino Scalco transmitted his passion for work and spirit of innovation to his sons.

Upon acquiring experience, Loris and Franco Scalco founded Faoma in 1980; they have gradually consolidated and improved company performance and continue to do so today. The complexity and importance of projects has constantly grown and as a result the company has broadened its range of skills in all fields requiring excellent craftsmanship for the characterisation of exclusive, quality interiors. Our team of staff includes highly qualified craftsmen and specialised personnel who are able to create state-of-the-art solutions for the implementation of technical details. Today Faoma is located on facilities of over 5000m2, used in the development and coordination of all project phases.

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