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Dressing Room


The most personal and reserved domestic areas of the house become rooms to be designed in view of excellent functional performance and exclusive stylistic definition. Three complementary systems that have in common extraordinary versatile features, which explore three different compositive approaches to unfailingly guarantee the utmost customisation.


The renown brand Molteni&C was founded in 1934 in Giussano by Angelo Molteni. This long standing family brand excels in the design and production of elegant furniture collections comprising of bookshelves and multimedia, wardrobes, walk-in closets, sofas, armchairs, small tables, tables, chairs, single units, home office furniture, beds, drawer units and accessories.


Flou was founded in 1978 and its primary objective at that time was to produce beds with high intrinsic and formal quality. Known for introducing new \”sleep culture\” to the world, Flou produces more than 50 different beds, technical and furnishing accessories and wardrobe collection…

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